Hi-Tech Farming for Enhancing Horticulture Productivity


SKU: 9781032690513
Author: Reddy, P Parvatha
Publication Date: 02/06/2024
Publisher: CRC Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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This book highlights the underlying principles and outlines some of the key hi-tech practices and technology interventions required to achieve enhanced productivity.

It discusses horticulture technology interventions like varietal improvement including genetically modified crops; good agricultural practices like optimum planting density, micro-irrigation, fertigation, integrated nutrient management, plant bioregulators, precision horticulture, protected cultivation, nanotechnology, and integrated farming systems; integrated management of insects, mites, disease pathogens, nematodes, and weeds; and post-harvest management practices like handling, storage and processing to reduce crop losses. The importance of attaining food and nutritional security through hi-tech horticulture and profitable marketing of horticultural produce is also discussed.

This book will be of immense value to the scientific community involved in teaching, research and extension activities related to hi-tech horticulture strategies for enhancing productivity in enhancing farmers’ income, food, nutrition and livelihood security. The material can be used for teaching postgraduate courses. The book can also serve as a very useful reference to policymakers and practicing farmers.