Heart at Rest: When Surrender Is a Person Rather Than a Process


SKU: 9780578403007
Author: Nelson, Victoria L
Publication Date: 11/16/2018
Publisher: Northern Pine Publishing, LLC
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Any Christian woman who has tried to be more surrendered to God, has struggled with two incompatible truths:

  • That surrender results in great joy and victory, and yet
  • Our best efforts to be more yielded to God often produce little lasting change

In her groundbreaking approach to the subject of surrender, Ms. Nelson shares with women her life-changing discovery that success in surrender flows not from self-effort, but from enlarging (and often correcting) our view of God.

She skillfully walks women through a deeper knowledge of who God is by studying His glory displayed throughout Biblical history, and then applies this to the subject of personal surrender. A Heart at Rest pairs solid theology with comprehensive introspection, application, and Bible study questions, making it an excellent tool for both individual growth and group Bible studies.

Do you struggle to:

  • Overcome sinful patterns in your life
  • Surrender your identity, your dreams, and your finances
  • See the goodness of God in world events
  • Believe that God is victorious and live out His victory in your own life
  • Live for the glory of Jesus Christ
  • Know how to practically grow in the knowledge of God

If so, A Heart at Rest will show you how to find joy and abundance in the Christian life!