Handbook of Re-Engineering Software Intensive Systems Into Software Product Lines (2023)


SKU: 9783031116858
Editor: Lopez-Herrejon, Roberto E Martinez, Jabier Guez Assunção, Wesley Klewerton Ziadi, Tewfik Acher, Mathieu Vergilio, Silvia
Publication Date: 11/24/2022
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Part. I: Feature location and variability model extractionChapter. 1. Feature Location in Software Variants Toward Software Product Line EngineeringChapter. 2. Feature & Variability Extraction From Natural Language RequirementsChapter. 3. Semantic History SlicingChapter. 4. Feature Location in Models (FLiM): Design time and RuntimeChapter. 5. Search-Based Variability Model Synthesis from Variant ConfigurationsChapter. 6. Extending boolean variability relationship extraction to multi-valued software descriptionsChapter. 7. Machine learning for feature constraints discoveryPart. II: Reengineering product line architecturesChapter. 8. Extraction of Software Product Line Architectures from Many System VariantsChapter. 9. ModelVars2SPL: from UML Class Diagram Variants to Software Product Line Core AssetsChapter. 10. Extraction and Evolution of a Software Product Line from Existing Web-Based SystemsChapter. 11. Re-Engineering Microservice Applications into Delta-Oriented Software Product LinesChapter. 12. Understanding the Variability on the Recovery of Product Line ArchitecturesPart. III: FrameworksChapter. 13. PAxSPL: A framework for aiding SPL Reengineering PlanningChapter. 14. Bottom-Up Technologies for Reuse: A Framework to Support Extractive Software Product Line Adoption ActivitiesChapter. 15. Systematic Software Reuse with Automated Extraction and Composition for Clone-and-Own.Chapter. 16. Re-engineering Automation Software with the Variability Analysis ToolkitChapter. 17. Managing Software Product Line Evolution by Filtered Editing: The SuperMod ApproachPart. IV. PerspectivesChapter. 18. Challenges and Potential Benefits of Adopting Product Line Engineering in Start-Ups: A Preliminary StudyChapter. 19. Re-engineering Legacy Systems as Microservices: An industrial survey of criteria to deal with modularity and variability of featuresChapter. 20. Evolution in Software Product Lines: An overview