Grow Beyond Creative Barriers G.R.O.W. Guide: 100 Productivity Strategies to G.R.O.W. Creative Independence

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Author: Clay, Valenciá D
Prepared by: Bell, Fabian D
Designed by: Clay, Valenciá
Publication Date: 09/03/2023
Publisher: Growcery Garden
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Praise for GBCB

This book is an absolute gift to the world. It’s affirming, practical, grounding, and a timely resource for us all!

Mariel Buqué, Ph.D. Psychologist & Generational Trauma Expert

As a creative, a perfectionist, and a perpetual over thinker, I am so grateful to have these tools that help me to engage my dream projects with love, ease, and affirmation! This productivity guide is perfect for folks like me who get overwhelmed easily, who sometimes feel like our goals are too big to achieve, who just need a little hand holding as we prepare action plans towards achieving our wildest dreams.

dr. reelaviolette botts-ward, Author of mourning my inner[blackgirl]child

As an artist & innovator from Baltimore. I always had big ideas and dreams, some of which didn’t even feel possible to achieve. Especially having self doubts that would affect my confidence, & self-expression. This productivity guide is allowing me to take my goals one step at a time, while I’m discovering new things about myself and creativity, which takes the mountain of pressure & anxiety off my shoulders as I plan for a bodacious future! John Tyler, Multi-Hyphenate Artist

This is a workbook of 100 strategies to

grow beyond creative barriers.

This book is a research-based anthology of best practices to gain control of mindless

procrastination and the struggle to complete


when you have so much going on.

Consider this book a game with 4 rounds:

Round 1: G

Round 2: R

Round 3: O

Round 4: W

Your goal is to win the

intrinsic validation of

completing a task using

self-chosen prompts from G to W.