Grocery Store Bible: Bobby Approved Guide to the Healthiest Food Store Products


SKU: 9781684812073
Author: Parrish, Bobby
Publication Date: 12/01/2025
Publisher: Mango
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Don’t Go Food Shopping Without this Essential FlavCity Grocery Shopping Guide

Are you a fan of the popular phone app, Bobby Approved, Grocery Shopping Tips? Welcome to The Grocery Store Bible–a valuable companion to Bobby’s phone app and an essential aid to enhancing your food store knowledge and shopping experience.

Bobby Parrish is a best-selling cookbook author, creator of the popular YouTube channel FlavCity, kitchen authority, and grocery shopping expert. He and his partner Desi Parrish are here to help you learn how to find and select the healthiest foods and ingredients in your grocery store.

Introducing a new and improved grocery shopping guide. In 2019, the Bobby Approved: Your Ultimate Shopping Guide at the Grocery Store was made available as an eBook shopping guide. Organized by grocery store, food categories, and a master ingredient list, it was designed to be an in-pocket aid to identifying the best products on store shelves. Unfortunately, this eBook product could not be periodically updated. So, the updateable phone app, Bobby Approved, Grocery Shopping Tips, was introduced.

An essential FlavCity grocery guide. You are already a user of the popular phone app, Bobby Approved, Grocery Shopping Tips, and concerned about the foods that you and your loved ones put in your bodies. Now discover more of Bobby’s best practices for navigating a food store and reliably finding the healthiest ingredients.

Inside The Grocery Store Bible, an essential grocery store guide and mate to Bobby’s phone app, find:

  • Grocery store navigation best practices
  • How to get the most out of the Bobby Approved, Grocery Shopping Tips phone app
  • Tips on finding the healthiest grocery store products

If you are a fan of Bobby and Desi Parrish and their bestselling books Keto Meal Prep by FlavCity, FlavCity’s 5 Ingredient Meals, or The Tasty Adventures of Rose Honey series, pick up a copy of the The Grocery Store Bible.