Grind Culture Detox: Heal Yourself from the Harmful Intersection of Racism, Capitalism, and Hyper-Productivity


SKU: 9781950253258
Author: Amunet, Heather
Publication Date: 06/14/2022
Publisher: Hierophant Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Grind culture is founded on the belief that in order to be considered valuable or worthy, one must be productive. This belief is often unconscious, and grind culture itself lurks in the rarely discussed shadow side of capitalism, where it fosters a society that equates success with production. Those who are therefore unable or unwilling to be productive by society’s measure are either overlooked or discarded.

While grind culture impacts almost everyone, it’s often most devastating to people of color, women, and other minority groups. Because these groups are not politically dominant, they already receive messages from the culture at large that they are less valuable, in both overt and covert ways. In response to the “you are not enough” message, they often try to produce more just to be seen or accepted in grind culture society.

In The Grind Culture Detox, author Heather Archer exposes grind culture’s corruptive nature in all its complexity, and simultaneously calls for an inner revolution–one where all humans are recognized as sacred, and where we acknowledge that we are not meant to grind like this. Archer begins by exploring the history of grind culture, detailing the extent of the problem, and then moves us forward in offering a blueprint for radically reorienting our lives on an individual level towards authentic happiness and fulfillment, fundamentally changing our relationship with work and production forever.

Grind Culture Symptoms include:

  • A fear of stillness.
  • Feeling guilty about resting.
  • Viewing exhaustion as productive.
  • Sacrificing the needs of your body to produce.
  • Rarely feeling satisfied with what you have.
  • Being in competition with others over who works the hardest.