Good Hot Stuff: The Life and Times of Gay Film Pioneer Jack Deveau


SKU: 9783960343004
Preface by: Escoffier, Jeffrey
Contribution by: Alvarez, Robert J
Author: Siedelmann, Marco
Publication Date: 01/22/2019
Publisher: Editions Moustache
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The films of Jack Deveau and his production company Hand In Hand once were praised both by audience and critics as the perfect symbiosis of legit feature films, underground avant-garde and explicit all-male adult movies. During the Golden Age of Porn, Hand In Hand was an essential and acclaimed part of the New York art circles and its Independent film scene. The early death of Jack Deveau, the AIDS-crisis and the video revolution changed the porn film industry forever. All this happened at the same time and within a couple of years the Hand In Hand heritage – which should be recognized today as an important chapter of the upcoming queer film movement – was almost forgotten. This book bundles very personal interviews with most of the remaining people that worked as cast and crew members on the films of Hand In Hand, or somehow have been part of the circle around Jack Deveau. GOOD HOT STUFF tells the story of Hand In Hand in fragments, carefully put together from many – totally different – perspectives and memories. It is a story about a filmmaker who had a vision way ahead of his time and the freedom to develop an individual auteur style within the limitations of the early gay adult film industry. Besides the actual conversations, the reader can also learn about the production process and the history of the films – based on hundreds of images, most of them never published in public before; among them original artworks, company ephemera, behind the scenes footage, private snapshots, and numerous magazine articles.