Golden Circles: Unveiling the Purpose, Process, and Product of Innovative Companies


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Author: Lau, Hugo Mok, Anthony
Publication Date: 07/18/2023
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of transformative innovation with Golden Circles, praised by diverse readers from PhD holders to secondary school students and penned by the intellectual duo of Anthony Mok and Hugo Lau. Mok, a graduate from the University of Hong Kong and a recipient of a confirmed offer of admission to the University of Cambridge, known for his high distinctions (A+) in entrepreneurship and formal commendation from HKU Business School, along with Lau, a spirited sixth form graduate and active participant in online dropshipping, craft an enriching exploration of industry disruptors, from Lemonade and Beyond Meat to giants like Apple and Alphabet. This comprehensive guide not only highlights the innovative processes but also promotes active learning through engaging quizzes and group activities. Whether you are a student keen on understanding the magic behind successful companies, a parent encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit, a teacher seeking dynamic teaching aids, a school leader aiming to foster a culture of innovation, or an individual interested in innovation and entrepreneurship, this book is an invaluable tool. Let’s journey into the epicentre of innovation today!

Praise for Golden Circles

“Written in a highly engaging and interactive style, Golden Circles analyzes the disruptive technologies and innovations that have revolutionized modern society. An essential read for students, educators, and innovators who are interested in understanding the ‘purpose’ and ‘process’ of successful companies that have remained ahead of the curve.” – Dr. K.K. Gary Lau, Oxford PhD & Director of Educational Technology at HKU Medical School

Golden Circles are the ABCs behind innovative processes, exemplified with world-leading innovative companies. It’s an excellent book for students; a handbook for educators and also for readers who are interested in innovation.” – Dr. M.L. Fung, University Professor at HKU Medical School

“It’s a riveting journey into the essence of corporate innovation. This book turned the intricate process of business innovation into a fascinating and digestible tale – each chapter had me hooked!” – Louis Tsui, Entrepreneur & Trader at the top 0.3% of the Credit Suisse Investment Challenge 2020

“This book offers valuable insights into how top companies achieve their goals through innovative practices. With practical examples and detailed case studies, it demystifies the world of innovation, making it a must-read resource for anyone interested in business success.” – Jacob Audu, Software Engineer at Bank of America

“The book’s division into Small Giants, Midsize Mavericks, and Titans of Technology brilliantly highlights different scales of innovation.” – Charles Lau & Sindy Wong, Parents of Year 10 & 13 Students & Restaurateurs

“This book skillfully addresses the three pillars of big companies: the “why,” the “how,” and the “what.” It sets the tone by examining the driving force behind these corporate giants, the elusive “why.” A must-read if you want to peep into the brains of innovative stalwarts!” – Apeksha Kapoor, Parent of a Year 4 Student & Senior School Teacher

“This book is well put together, focusing on the ‘why, ‘ ‘how, ‘ and ‘what’ of successful, innovative companies. It blends theory with real-life examples and interactive activities like quizzes, helping me grasp and remember the new information. I found it engaging and full of helpful advice for the future.” – Thomas Riondet & Antoine Riondet, Year 9 & Year 12 Students

Golden Circles is a primer on how successful businesses build and maintain their innovative edge. It perfectly demonstrates the power of purpose, process, and product in business innovation.” – Rebecca Byrne & Natacha Byrne, Year 9 Students