Girls With Guns


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Author: Vali, Ali Taite, Carsen Grubb, Michelle
Publication Date: 04/12/2016
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Three stories by three talented crime writers: Carsen Taite, Ali Vali, and Michelle Grubbeach packing her own special brand of heat.
In “Hammersmith” by Michelle Grubb: Officer Belinda Riley knew the signs of a suicide bomber, but this time she was blind to the obvious. This time she didn t want to believe what was right in front of her eyes.
In “Bow and Arrow” by Carsen Taite: Bounty hunter Luca Bennett has always lived on the edge of the law, but now she s living with a cop and doing her darnedest to stay out of trouble. When an old enemy resurfaces, will the shady ways of Luca s past come back to haunt her?
In “Hell Fire” by Ali Vali: Dr. Abigail Eaton stumbles into a massacre, but once someone tries to kill her it seems like no accident. While hunting for the perpetrators of a sex trafficking empire, Agent Riley Abbott saves Abigail from a professional hit and discovers the young mother might be the key to more than just her case. Riley takes Abigail and her family to what she thinks is safer ground, and runs right into the arms of reputed mob boss Cain Casey.