Get Fuzzy 2019 Day-To-Day Calendar


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Author: Conley, Darby
Publication Date: 06/05/2018
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Binding: Daily
Media: Calendar
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Starring in the Get Fuzzy 2019 Calendar featuring a cartoon from the hilarious strip on every page can go to your head.

Or as Bucky Katt puts it, “It’s hard to be a little modest when you’re a lotta Bucky.” Like his housemates, ad exec Rob and Satchel Pooch, you’ll find out just how true that is. Witness Bucky’s never-ending battle against ferrets and his quest to create the world’s first monkey battery (out of real monkeys, of course). He may not be modest–or at times even rational–but combined with Rob and Satchel, he’s always a lotta laughs.