Generic Drugs Formulation Manual: Basic Principles of New Products Development


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Author: Quiñónez, Francisco de Latorre
Publication Date: 03/10/2023
Publisher: Edlt Publications
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The book: “Generic Drugs Formulation Manual: Basic Principles of New Products Development”, is an interesting text for all professionals related to the pharmaceutical industry. It is the cornerstone or starting point for the implementation of a unit or a development deparment in those companies that wish to have this type of process within their industries.

Francisco De La Torre Quiñónez, Ecuadorian Chemist and Pharmacist, is a professional with considerable experience in Formula Development, Implementation and Design of Pharmaceutical Validation Strategies, and in Sanitary Registration of Medicines in General.

After his Ebook entitled: Oral Pharmaceutical Dosage Solids Formulation Manual (Spanish Edition) (Manual de Formulación de Sólidos Orales), released in 2022. Francisco De La Torre brings us in 2023, this work entitled: “Generic Drugs Formulation Manual: Basic Principles of New Products Development”; in which he covers not only the development of formulations in oral solid dosage forms, but also brings us formulations of semi-solid, liquid and semi-liquid dosage forms, in what regards to general medicines.

As a “Plus +” to this work, the author brings us a formula of a natural product developed by him years ago, which has been subjected, tested, and approved to a pharmacological study on animals.