Garret’s Game


SKU: 9781072425236
Photographer: Hainline, Nathan
Author: Banner, Daryl
Publication Date: 06/06/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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From Amazon Bestselling Author Daryl Banner comes the fourth and FINAL book in his SIZZLING new summer series!

“It is an important game. And my final one. Because I’ll get what I want at last.”

My dominant, powerful, handsome boss Mr. Kevin Kingston
is about to take me on a business trip
where I will be waiting on him hand and foot,
and catering to his every need.

It’s a lot of work to please my boss.
But if there’s anything I know,
it’s that I’m a very hard worker
and I don’t quit until the job is done.

No matter what it takes.

This is the stuff of my fantasies.
But the reality, I’ve learned,
can be a whole different game.

And it’s a game I have to win.

Are you ready to meet the four hot men of the Boys & Toys series?

Caysen, Wade, Dean, and Garret – These four young best friends are living in a city full of parties and clubs and sex. While managing the grind of day jobs, they chase their dreams – and get into lots of trouble. Hopping from POV to POV within each novella, you will get a thrillingly intimate look into the intertwining lives of these four very different men. Fall in love alongside them, party with them, and have the time of your life! Think of it like the book version of your new favorite gay TV series: addictive, binge-worthy, and hot as hell!

“BOYS & TOYS” is a serial series of hot and fun male/male novellas that follow the lives of four gay best friends. The suggested reading order is:
Caysen’s Catch
Wade’s Workout
Dean’s Dare
Garret’s Game