Fundraising Your Way: How To Conduct An Effective And Profitable Product Fundraiser


SKU: 9780615607658
Author: Carter, Jesse L
Publication Date: 03/02/2012
Publisher: Carter Resource Development
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Are you planning on choosing a fundraising product soon to raise funds for your nonprofit organization or school? Want to investigate the products you should choose for your next fundraiser? This “product fundraising basics” handbook starts you off on your decision making process by choosing the right fundraising product for your group. It may surprise you that: – The vast majority of Americans (80%) agree that “product fundraising is an important financial resource for America’s schools and youth programs” as stated in a press release issued by the Association Of Fundraising Distributors And Suppliers. – That’s four out of every five people who will support at least one fundraiser during any given year. – Nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes raise nearly $1.7 billion each year. – “The number one reason why Americans purchase fundraising items is ‘to support a worthy cause’ and that “product sales alone annually contribute $1.4 billion…” The author, Jesse Carter states, “My book: ‘Fundraising Your Way – First Steps To Choosing A Profitable Product Fundraiser’ starts you off on your decision-making process to investigate the products you should choose for your next fundraiser. With all of this good fundraising preparatory information in the book I know you will do well, but now found nowhere else… I show you key fundraising success principles like… 1. The 5 key success principles that you must implement (I list them all… this is from my professional experience and you won’t find these listed anywhere else). 2. What THE biggest challenge in fundraising is (we all know what it is, but I’ll tell you how to overcome it). 3. What every Fundraising Team Member should do to bring about success (Hint: Lead By Example) Do this one thing and you WILL HAVE a successful product fundraiser. (I give you the tools to overcome this aspect easily). “My nonprofit experience extends over 26 years and ranges from managing and directing major multi-million dollar capital campaigns of schools and charities to working with church youth and scouting groups at the most basic level raising funds to send kids to camp,” says Carter. More secrets revealed… – Make your next fundraising effort successful with “Home Delivery”. – Should you use social media for your product fundraiser? I explain it all throughout the book, starting on Page 15. Do you know how to choose a Fundraising Professional, Distributor or Supplier for best results? If not, then check out the Guidelines I provide and see the 14 questions you SHOULD ASK each Fundraising Company you contact. …Fail to ask one of these questions and you could lose profits and have supporters angry at you. … But don’t stop there, you’ll also need to know what a fundraising company or distributor will need to know from you. I list 9 relevant questions that you need to be prepared to answer. Don’t get caught fumbling around answering these questions off the cuff. Know them ahead of time. There’s 10 success tips that Fundraising Beginners should use to be prepared before asking others. I give you all of the details. This is THE list that you should give to every Fundraising Team Member working on your behalf BEFORE they go out. Having a problem deciding on what products your organization can offer as a fundraiser? Well, there’s over 110 listed. You’ll find out which product fundraisers are… – for use as a Personal Fundraiser, Individual Fundraiser or Small Group Fundraiser… – which ones are most popular with the public… – and which ones are the “best money makers”. You could spend hours finding this out… if ever! You’ll discover valuable information about… – Tax issues – Safety protocols – Profits to expect – Setting up a structured campaign – Alternative Fundraising Campaign Plans – And more, more, more… ALL in one resource! Get it all here in… Fundraising Your Way: How To Conduct An Eff