Food Waste Valorisation: Food, Feed, Fertiliser, Fuel and Value-Added Products


SKU: 9781800612884
Editor: Wong, Ming Hung Purchase, Diane Dickinson, Nicholas
Publication Date: 08/15/2023
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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One billion tonnes of food wasted is generated around the world every year. This book seeks to address and mitigate this urgent problem by focusing on food valorisation through conversion to various value-added products. Contributions from a wide range of international experts draw attention to valuable, realistic, and exciting opportunities for science, business, and society to provide essential and substantial environmental benefits. This timely volume comprises 18 chapters dealing with different aspects of food waste treatment and management in different parts of the world. These chapters explore the fundamentals, trends, and future opportunities for food waste composting and anaerobic digestion, as well as how food waste can be converted to single-cell protein, animal feeds, and fertiliser. This book also addresses various value-added products that can be generated. These include products such as chemicals, synthetic alternatives, nanocellulose, construction materials, and biodegradable fibres.