Food Security and Biodiversity: The impact of agriculture on biodiversity and the need for sustainable food production


SKU: 9788414086971
Author: Joseph, Emmanuel
Publication Date: 11/22/2023
Publisher: Emmanuel Joseph
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Certainly, here’s a book description for “Food Security and Biodiversity: The Impact of Agriculture on Biodiversity and the Need for Sustainable Food Production.”

In a world grappling with the dual imperatives of feeding a growing global population and safeguarding our precious biodiversity, “Food Security and Biodiversity” offers an insightful exploration of the intricate relationship between agriculture and the natural world.

This comprehensive book navigates the reader through the multifaceted terrain of food security and biodiversity, unveiling the challenges, complexities, and opportunities that shape our approach to feeding the world while preserving the diversity of life on Earth.

From the historical roots of agriculture and its influence on ecosystems to the contemporary challenges posed by industrial farming and climate change, this book weaves a narrative that unravels the web of connections between food production and the natural world. It delves into the consequences of biodiversity loss on food security, emphasizing how a harmonious coexistence of both is essential for the well-being of humanity and the planet.

Chapters dedicated to sustainable agriculture practices, the role of indigenous knowledge, policy and governance, innovative technologies, and the way forward, draw a roadmap for creating a future where agriculture can coexist with biodiversity. It showcases that solutions are within reach, from agroecology to digital advancements and ethical considerations, all contributing to a brighter, sustainable tomorrow.

“Food Security and Biodiversity” is a vital resource for policymakers, environmentalists, farmers, students, and anyone concerned about the future of our food systems and the planet. It underscores that the journey toward food security and biodiversity conservation is a shared responsibility, and that by working together, we can cultivate a future that nourishes us all while nurturing the natural world.