Food Products


SKU: 9780820600369
Author: Blumenthal, Saul
Publication Date: 02/15/1947
Publisher: Chemical Publishing Company
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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CONTENTS – FOREWORD I BASIC FOOD INGREDIENTS – II MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS – III CONFECTIONARY, COCOA, COFFEE AND TEA – IV DESSERT POWDERS AND PUDDINGS – V SAUCES, DRESSINGS AND PICKLES – VI FISH, FRIED FOODS, HEALTH FOOD, NUTS, BREAD, SOY PRODUCTS, BAKIKG POWDER – VII PIE FILLINGS AND PIES – VlII COOKIES, DOUGHNUTS AND CAKES – IX FLAVORS, SYRUPS AND BEVERAGES – X FRUITS AND VEGETABLES – XI CANNED GOODS – XII JELLIES AND PRESERVES – XIII PLANT SANITATION AND SANITARY FOOD CONTROL – XIV COMPOSITION OF FOODS AND PREVENTION OF CAKING – XV PRESERVATION OF FOODS BY DEHYDRATION AND FREEZING – WEIGHTS AND MEASURES – CHEMICAL GLOSSARY – ABBREVIATIONS – BIBLIOGRAPHY – INDEX – FOREWORD – This book is written for everybody interested in the preparation of food from the manufacturing plant executive, the food chemist, and the food salesman, right down to the housewife. The author’s knowledge of the subject is based on scientific training and many years of practical, first-hand experience in the manufacture of foods. In addition to compiling the results of his own experience, he has included methods developed and used by other specialists in the field. Whether the food manufacturer has an old, well-established business or is just starting up a small plant, it is hoped that this book will be an essential part of his equipment. To the established manufacturer, it presents the latest developments and the newest scientific methods in the field of food production. To the beginner, it offers the fundamentals on materials and methods, without which he cannot hope to be successfuL Although the production of good, nutritious food is still an art, as it has always been, in this age of rapid scientific development and ever-increasing knowledge, it is fast becoming an exact science. The food manufacturer must plan wisely and prepare his products scientifically and with understanding. This book presents the manufacture of food as a series of operations governed by well-defined physical, chemical, and bacteriological principles which must be understood and carefully followed for good results. Here are scientific, factory-tested formulas for making hundreds of commercial food products in the canning, flavoring, beverage, confectionery, bakery, condiment, dairy, meat, fish, and allied industries. The sections on plant sanitation and food handling present the latest scientific methods of hygienic control in the food industry. The most modern developments in the fields of dehydration and freezing of fruits and vegetables are completely discussed in a comprehensive chapter on the subject.