Flavor of Meat and Meat Products


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Author: Shahidi, F
Editor: Shahidi, Fereidoon
Publication Date: 12/31/1995
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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1 Flavor of meat and meat products-an overview.- 1.1 Introduction.- 1.2 Meat flavour volatiles.- 1.3 Impact of processing and storage on meat flavour.- References.- 1 Species flavours.- 2 The flavour of beef.- 2.1 Introduction.- 2.2 Taste-active compounds.- 2.3 Flavour enhancers.- 2.4 Aroma components.- 2.4.1 Effect of heat on sugars and/or amino acids.- 2.4.2 Reactions of hydroxyfuranones.- 2.4.3 Thermal degradation of thiamine.- 2.4.4 Lipid oxidation/degradation.- 2.4.5 Selected aroma components of high sensory significance.- 2.5 Conclusion.- References.- 3 The flavour of pork.- 3.1 Introduction.- 3.2 Role of lipid degradation products in pork flavour.- 3.3 Heterocyclic constituents of pork aroma.- 3.4 Polysulphides in roasted pork.- 3.5 Effects of ingredients on the flavour of pork.- References.- 4 The flavour of poultry meat.- 4.1 Introduction.- 4.2 Primary odorants of chicken broth.- 4.3 Sulphur-containing compounds in chicken flavours.- 4.4 Lipid oxidation products in chicken flavour.- 4.5 Heterocyclic compounds in chicken flavour.- 4.5.1 Pyrazines.- 4.5.2 Pyridines.- 4.5.3 Pyrroles.- 4.5.4 Thiazoles.- 4.6 Conclusion.- References.- 5 Sheepmeat odour and flavour.- 5.1 Introduction.- 5.2 Assessment of sheepmeat odour and flavour by sensory panels and chemical analysis.- 5.3 The tissue source of mutton odour and flavour.- 5.4 Chemical components involved in sheepmeat odour and flavour.- 5.5 Factors affecting sheepmeat odour and flavour.- 5.5.1 Pre-slaughter factors.- 5.5.2 Post-slaughter factors.- 5.6 Concluding remarks.- Acknowledgments.- References.- 2 Role of meat constituents and processing on flavour.- 6 Umami flavour of meat.- 6.1 Introduction.- 6.2 Definitions.- 6.3 Historical background.- 6.4 Structural considerations.- 6.5 Stability.- 6.6 Synergism.- 6.7 Taste properties.- 6.8 Food occurrence.- 6.9 Umami compounds and meat flavour.- 6.10 Conclusions.- References.- 7 Lipid-derived off-flavours in meat-formation and inhibition.- 7.1 Introduction.- 7.2 Role of lipids in meat flavour.- 7.3 Lipid oxidation in meats.- 7.3.1 Role of haem and nonhaem iron as catalysts.- 7.3.2 Ferritin as a catalyst of lipid oxidation in meat.- 7.4 Initiation of lipid oxidation in muscle tissue.- 7.4.1 Initiators of the oxidation reaction.- 7.4.2 Enzymatic lipid oxidation.- 7.5 Prevention of lipid oxidation in meats.- 7.5.1 Antioxidant role of nitrite.- 7.5.2 Stabilization of meat lipids with nitrite-free curing mixtures.- 7.5.3 Vitamin E and meat quality.- 7.5.4 Spice extracts as antioxidants.- 7.6 Future research needs.- Acknowledgments.- References.- 8 Lipid oxidation in meat by-products: effect of antioxidants and Maillard reactants on volatiles.- 8.1 Introduction.- 8.2 Materials and methods.- 8.2.1 Materials.- 8.2.2 Chemical analysis of meat-meal.- 8.2.3 Analysis of volatiles in dry meat-meal.- 8.2.4 Analysis of volatiles in processed Maillard meat-meal water mixtures.- 8.3 Results and discussion.- References.- 9 Maillard reactions and meat flavour development.- 9.1 Introduction.- 9.1.1 Meat flavour.- 9.2 The Maillard reaction.- 9.3 The Maillard reaction and meat flavour compounds.- 9.3.1 Low molecular weight precursors of meat flavour.- 9.3.2 Pyrazines.- 9.3.3 Sulphur compounds.- 9.3.4 Synthetic flavours from the Maillard reaction.- 9.4 Summary.- References.- 10 The flavour of cured meat.- 10.1 Introduction.- 10.2 Advantages of nitrite in the meat-curing process.- 10.3 Antioxidant role of nitrite in cured meats.- 10.4 Chemistry of cured-meat flavour.- 10.5 Conclusion.- References.- 11 Contribution of smoke flavourings to processed meats.- 11.1 Introduction.- 11.2 Pyrolysis of cellulose.- 11.3 Pyrolysis of hemicellulose.- 11.4 Pyrolysis of lignin.- 11.5 Smoke colour formation in processed meats.- 11.6 Smoke flavour in processed meats.- 11.7 Fractionation of smoke flavourings.- 11.8 Miscellaneous contributions of smoke flavourings.- 11.9 Summary.- References.- 12 Some aspects of the chemistry of meat flavour.- 12.1 Introduction.- 12….