SKU: 9781694858184
Author: Janeshek, Jessie Ring, Dave Tedesco, Kailey
Publication Date: 10/30/2019
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Sisterhood, mysterious treasure, fallen angels, deviant afterlives, slasher barbies, poetic viruses, baboon warfare, sex magic, hurricanes, leviathans, anti-romcoms, overly-realistic dreams, doll-written novels, talking bodega cats, mutant rats, evil deer, chemtrails, voodoo, gravitrons, clouds of mass destruction, death, ghosts, demons, spells, death, dystopia, magic blankets, ultracapitalism, journalistic supervillainy, class warfare, death…and everything else published in the pages of FLAPPERHOUSE during its fifth and final year.