Finding Tulsa


SKU: 9781890834456
Author: Provenzano, Jim
Publication Date: 09/22/2020
Publisher: Palm Drive Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book


Stan Grozniak, the once-rising star of 1990s gay cinema, almost self-sabotages a prestigious directing gig with writer-producer (and soon to be ex-boyfriend) Barry, after casting his rediscovered teenage summer stock crush. Still haunted by the death of Rick Dacker, the sexy star of his cult favorite action trilogy, Stan attempts a romance with actor Lance Holtzer, his ‘Tulsa’ from a small town Ohio production of the musical Gypsy. When Jason Daw a gay adult video star, invites him to direct an epic porn feature, he risks it all while finding the means to confront a long-lost and once overly affectionate uncle. Discovering more about himself than he wants to admit, he traces his recent success with past obsessions. Framed through a visit to Stan’s boyhood home where he made short films with his brother, the tale of his rise to cinematic success, and the sacrifices he made­, captures the passion and heartache of making love, making movies, and the occasional riot.