Finding Flow: Embracing the Ease of slow productivity for lasting fulfilment


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Author: Clark, Robert H
Publication Date: 03/12/2024
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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in “finding flow: embracing the ease of slow productivity for lasting fulfillment”, readers are invited to challenge the prevailing notion that productivity is solely about doing more in less time. instead, the book introduces the concept of slow productivity-a philosophy that prioritizes quality over quantity, and emphasizes working at a natural pace to cultivate greater fulfillment and satisfaction.drawing on principles from mindfulness, personal development, and productivity literature, this book offers practical strategies and insights for integrating slow productivity into everyday life. from time blocking techniques and goal setting exercises to mindfulness practices and strategies for overcoming resistance, readers will discover a wealth of tools and resources to help them slow down, focus on what truly matters, and lead a more intentional and purposeful life.through relatable anecdotes, actionable advice, and thought-provoking exercises, “finding the flow” provides readers with the inspiration and guidance they need to break free from the culture of busyness, reclaim control over their time and priorities, and cultivate a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment in their work and lives.whether you’re feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of modern life or simply seeking a more balanced and fulfilling approach to productivity, “finding flow: embracing the ease of slow productivity for lasting fulfillment”offers a roadmap for embracing a slower, more intentional way of living and working-one deliberate step at a time.