Fetishist’s Dozen


SKU: 9781610981767
Author: Trevor, Christopher
Publication Date: 02/03/2012
Publisher: Nazca Plains Corporation
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Welcome to the first “Christopher Trevor” anthology. For many people out there the number “13” is seen as unlucky. In my case the number “13” has always been just the reverse, in that it is a very lucky number. With my lucky number in mind and after having more than 30 books of erotic fiction published I felt it was time for a luck-filled anthology. And what could be better than paying homage to the lucky number “13.” In these pages I have chosen 10 stories that I had a tantalizing time writing and I have added 3 new ones as well, offering you “13, A Fetishists Dozen.” Bondage, Man to Man Discipline, Kinky Wagers, and of course foot fetish and tickle stories abound in this collection…