Feminization of the Rings!: Feminization, Crossdressing and Female Domination!


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Author: Mansfield, Grace
Publication Date: 09/15/2022
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Feminization, Crossdressing and Female Domination!

FEMINIZATION AND THE MILKING TABLE! Big breasts, lactation and a spanking!
MIKE was a happy, go lucky fellow, until somebody told his wife about him cheating and having a baby. She locked him onto a milking table and had her way with him, but that was only the start. After he lost his thing and started growing breasts she found out that it was all a lie! He had never cheated on her, and he had no illegitimate baby. Fortunately, Carly has a way of making up for it all.

JOHN LOVED JANE! He’s going to have to be spanked, feminized, and bent over to deserve her love!
JOHN LOVED JANE, but Jane was sort of ambivalent. It takes a confrontation, BDSM, spankings, and feminization to bring this couple together! It’s definitely a trip worth taking, and an education for people who want real love.

MAKING LOVE IN HELL! Feminized, he became a woman, then she became a whore for the devil!
JEB had the scoop of the century! He was going to reveal the orgy of a coven of modern witches. Then his video camera doesn’t work, and he begins changing into a woman! But that’s only half the story. The devil has plans for people like her!

THE FIRST HUCOW! Feminization, lactation and hucows!
BEN was thrilled when Josie got a job lactating. But when her milk starts to change him…not so good. Ben, you see, has a problem, he wishes to change the world…in his image.

THE INTERSEX MAN He was born a Man…or was he?
ARNIE was a nice guy with a few problems. He was lazy, didn’t like sex that much, that sort of thing. Then a doctor tries to rebalance Arnie’s hormones, and the fit hits the shan. Arnie, apparently has a little secret. So secret that not even he knew it was there. But now he knows and his journey as the Intersex Man is beginning.


Grace Mansfield is from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Her husband being a ‘cheating bastard, ‘ (her words) she took his truck and drove to Texas. Then Montana. Then several other states, before landing in Los Angeles. She has worked as a stenographer, a court reporter for a small newspaper and a photographer for the LA Times. Currently she is a gym addict, trying to fix years of abuse, and working on her novels.