Fat Substitute Utilizing Mastic Gum: Development and Application in Dairy Products


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“Fat Substitute Utilizing Mastic Gum: Development and Application in Dairy Products” by Deepika Rani is a comprehensive book that delves into the research and development of a novel fat substitute using mastic gum derived from Pictichioatlanticasubspkurdica. This groundbreaking work explores the potential of mastic gum as a natural and healthy alternative to traditional fats in dairy products.

The author meticulously examines the properties and characteristics of mastic gum, considering its chemical composition, texture, and stability in different food formulations. The book investigates various extraction and processing methods to optimize the production of mastic gum as a fat substitute, ensuring its compatibility with dairy product applications.

Furthermore, Deepika Rani explores the functionality and sensory attributes of the developed fat substitute, assessing its impact on the texture, taste, and overall quality of dairy products. The book delves into the potential benefits of incorporating mastic gum as a fat replacer, such as reducing calorie content, improving shelf life, and enhancing the nutritional profile of dairy products.

Through comprehensive scientific analysis and experimental studies, this book provides valuable insights into the application of mastic gum as a versatile ingredient in the dairy industry. It explores the challenges and opportunities associated with the incorporation of this natural fat substitute, paving the way for innovative and healthier dairy product formulations.

“Fat Substitute Utilizing Mastic Gum: Development and Application in Dairy Products” serves as a valuable resource for food scientists, researchers, and professionals in the field of food technology and nutrition. Deepika Rani’s research findings contribute to the advancement of sustainable and health-conscious food innovations, providing a platform for the development of dairy products with reduced fat content without compromising taste or quality.