Family Is Family


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Author: Marr, Melissa
Illustrator: Rivero, Marcos Almada
Publication Date: 03/05/2024
Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book


Celebrate the many wonderful ways families are unique and chickens are adorable!

On the way to school, Little Chick notices all the other kids are traveling with a mom or a dad, a big brother or a big sister. Little Chick doesn’t have a dad or siblings. He has two moms. His friend asks: Want to borrow a bear brother? No! Little Chick likes being an only chick. Although he’s fascinated to see that some families swim together and some fly, some have teeth and some have beaks, he’s happy to be a chicken–and to be right where he’s meant to be–with the family that loves him.

Marr, Melissa (Author) , Rivero, Marcos Almada (Illustrator)