Factors Affecting the Implementation of a Total Productive Maintenance System (TPM): A Case Study


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Author: Herrmann, Norman
Publication Date: 11/29/2004
Publisher: Diplom.de
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Inhaltsangabe: Abstract: Modern manufacturing requires that organisations that want to be successful and to achieve world-class manufacturing must posses both effective and efficient maintenance. One approach to improve the performance of maintenance activities is to implement a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) system. The aim of this dissertation is to prove that the introduction of a TPM system is by no means an easy task, because there are several barriers that encumber the implementation process, the driving forces to success have to be identified and well understood, and a process of organisational change has to be managed successfully. The study analyses impediments, barriers and obstacles to the implementation procedure and discovers key success factors concluding with a conceptual framework for a successful TPM implementation. The dissertation also examines the challenge of managing change within the TPM context and identifies that such a TPM journey requires employee and management commitment to be successful. Through a case study of implementing TPM in an automotive supplier company, the practical aspect within and beyond basic TPM theory and problems encountered during the implementation are discussed and analysed. The paper concludes that the implementation of TPM is definitely not an easy task, which is considerably burdened by organisational, behavioural and other barriers, and necessitates the difficult mission to change peoples’ mindsets from a traditional maintenance approach. Inhaltsverzeichnis: Inhaltsverzeichnis: Title page01 Declaration and Word Count02 Abstract03 Acknowledgements04 Table of contents05 List of figures09 CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION10 1.1Importance of TPM10 1.2Problem statement and objectives11 1.3Research methods12 1.4Structure of the study13 CHAPTER 2LITERATURE REVIEW14 2.1Defining TPM14 2.2Basic concept14 2.3Performance measurement17 2.4New roles of operators and maintenance staff19 2.5The JIPM’s 12 steps