Extended Reality Blueprint: Demystifying the Ar/VR Production Process


SKU: 9781394207688
Author: Eaton, Annie
Publication Date: 04/02/2024
Publisher: Wiley
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Follow a tried-and-tested approach to integrating augmented and virtual reality into your business

The Extended Reality Blueprint: Demystifying the AR/VR Production Process focuses on design for non-gaming or gaming adjacent applications in extended reality (XR), including augmented and virtual reality. Author Annie Eaton is a leading producer of immersive content in the XR space. Many of Annie’s clients come to her with the same questions, often not knowing where to begin as they seek to implement extended reality solutions into their business. This book presents the discovery and product development process through an immersive technology lens. You will walk through the XR production process and learn how to apply this technology directly within your organizations in a meaningful and effective way. Join leading businesses like Delta Air Lines, Mars Wrigley, Georgia-Pacific, and JLG Industries, and learn how top companies are leveraging XR for greater market share, engagement, and profit.

  • Learn about the latest applications of extended reality (XR), including augmented and virtual reality.
  • Discover the steps of the XR product development process, including how to find profitable uses of XR and decide on technology suites.
  • Assemble effective teams of XR developers, designers, artists, and other key members to bring your projects to fruition and success.
  • Learn from the real-world examples and lessons learned of businesses that have taken the leap into extended reality.

The Extended Reality Blueprint, delivers a concrete, actionable process for bringing extended reality into your organization and embracing this crucial technology to remain current.