expose Love: a photographic love essay of male couples in classical nude poses


SKU: 9781792322372
Author: Timiraos, Anthony
Publication Date: 10/01/2019
Publisher: Anthony Timiraos Photography
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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note from the artist…

I had the pleasure of photographing almost 100 men in classical nude poses during the past four years. In that pursuit, I developed warm friendships and continue to connect periodically with many of them. My first two books, “expose” and “expose more” featured these models individually. Sometimes, a model will ask to be photographed with their spouse, or boyfriend and often asked to match them up with another model. That naturally led to an archive of intimate couples photographs which has grown over 4 years into a collection I have compiled in this new book “expose love”. I aimed for scenes that showed the love and passion between two men, free to express their emotions, relationship and their bodies.

Just a few short years ago two men holding hands in public was not acceptable in many communities. Around the time of the Stonewall riots in 1969, this book would most likely be considered pornography and if I was able to find a commercial printer, it would only be available fully wrapped behind a counter so as not to be exposed to the general public. Today, a book about love and affection between men in classical nude poses is more easily available but still restricted in many places. I am hopeful that while you are viewing my collection, you will feel the affection expressed by the models and understand the importance of equality by reading the selected famous quotes I have included.

We should be grateful for the years of LGBTQ+ advocacy, education and litigation after the Stonewall riots. We are closer together with less fear of retribution, but that does not mean we have reached full equality and not vulnerable to advances going backwards. There are still many struggling with censorship and acceptance at home, in a nearby neighborhood, city, state or country. Progress has been made over the years but these successes should not make us feel overly confident of the future. Never forget our history, don’t be afraid to remind new generations of our struggles and always encourage others to get involved in their civil rights. Be proud.

Anthony Timiraos

October, 2019