Exploring Biosurfactant Production From Bacteria in Seawater


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Author: Jitendrakumar, Nayak Nisha
Publication Date: 04/01/2023
Publisher: Independent Author
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Biosurfactants are surface-active compounds produced by microorganisms, including bacteria. These compounds have been found to have potential applications in various industries, including agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, and bioremediation. Seawater is a rich source of bacteria that have adapted to live in a saline environment, making them ideal candidates for biosurfactant production. In this context, Nayak Nisha Jitendrakumar explores the potential for biosurfactant production from bacteria found in seawater.

The study focuses on the isolation and identification of biosurfactant-producing bacteria from seawater samples collected from the Arabian Sea. The bacteria were screened for biosurfactant production using standard techniques, including the drop collapse test, emulsification index, and oil displacement method. The most promising biosurfactant-producing bacteria were identified using molecular techniques.

The results of the study showed that several bacteria isolated from the seawater samples were capable of biosurfactant production. The biosurfactants produced were able to emulsify different hydrocarbons, indicating their potential for use in bioremediation. The study also highlights the potential of using seawater as a source of bacteria for biosurfactant production, which could provide an eco-friendly solution for industrial wastewater pollution.

Overall, the study provides insight into the potential for biosurfactant production from bacteria found in seawater. The findings suggest that these microorganisms could be a valuable resource for the development of eco-friendly solutions for industrial wastewater pollution. Further research is needed to explore the full potential of these biosurfactants and their applications in various industries.