Expert Product Management Toolkit Bundle: Advanced Techniques, Tips, Strategies, Templates and Training for Product Management & Product Marketing


SKU: 9781600051012
Author: Lawley, Brian
Publication Date: 03/04/2008
Publisher: Happy about
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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The Expert Product Management Toolkit Bundle includes all of the templates, knowledge, training and information that you need to make your products more successful. It includes the book Expert Product Management: Advanced techniques, tips and strategies for Product Management and Product Marketing as well as four of the 280 Group Product Management Toolkits (Product Roadmaps, Launches, Beta Programs & Product Reviews). All of the examples, plans and documents discussed that are covered in the book (and much more) are included in MS Office format (Word, Excel & Powerpoint) for a total of 124 templates, four narrated on-demand training presentations, samples, examples and white papers.

With the book, you also will learn four of the most critical elements in ensuring product success, and take-away practical strategies, insights, tips and techniques that Brian has learned from hands-on experience defining, launching and marketing over fifty products during the last twenty years of his career.

The book covers how to prioritize features and build product roadmaps, which is absolutely critical for getting your team and company on the same page and for delivering the right features in your product at the right time.

It also covers how to run effective Beta programs, which oftentimes mean the difference between shipping a poor-quality product and shipping a product that you have a high degree of confidence in.

Learn how to plan and execute an effective product launch. Short of building a great product, product launches are one of the most (if not THE most) critical factors for achieving success.

Finally, learn how to get phenomenal reviews for your products. Oftentimes this is an area that is an afterthought, and is not dealt with until or unless the product receives poor reviews. With a well-managed review program you can turn press and analysts into one of your most powerful marketing weapons, further accelerating the success of your product.