Executive Mess


SKU: 9781610982993
Author: Trevor, Christopher
Publication Date: 12/11/2013
Publisher: Boner Books
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Christopher Trevor has produced a book of extraordinary mess, an executive’s mess, and in two of the stories in particular, a military mess. A study rich in depravity with no compassion and no request for forgiveness, this is Mr. Trevor at his best and who he is. Heart stopping in sections though it is, one will find it hard (pun intended) to put this book down. Few books of erotica and kink in recent memory have been so vivid and absorbing, so artfully structured that it simply draws one in and leaves one demanding more. Trevor has written and put together a masterpiece. Welcome back to Mr. Alan Skram, author of “The Client” and welcome new comer “Jeff Storm”, author of “A Bet Too Far”, a story that brings back memories of Mr. Trevor’s book, “The Abusive Wager.” And a very special welcome back to “Anonymous Cop, whoever he may be, for the story “Shore Leave.” Where does Mr. Trevor find these writers that he so generously shares his book space with?This book transcends erotica, it asks questions and demands answers, “Letter to Sportswriters” is a study in point. Only Mr. Trevor could have taken what is in this letter-like story to such depths with his study, research and chronicle of baseball player’s fashions through the ages. Baseball will never be the same after this.- Steven Wall (Street) – Tanner