Evidence-Guided: Creating High Impact Products in the Face of Uncertainty


SKU: 9788409536399
Author: Gilad, Itamar
Publication Date: 10/02/2023
Publisher: Itamar Gilad
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Research shows that most of what we build creates little or no value for our users and the business. To break away from this harsh reality, you need to adopt a different system, one that combines human judgment with evidence.

In this book, Itamar Gilad presents an actionable model to bring evidence-guided development into your organization. Combining tried-and-tested methods with tools created by the author, Evidence-Guided offers a systematic approach-the GIST model (Goals, Ideas, Steps, and Tasks)-to help you create high-impact products. You’ll learn how to choose the right outcomes, prioritize ideas, build and learn at a fast pace, and collaborate more effectively with teammates, managers, and stakeholders. The book provides principles, models, tools, and processes, all demonstrated through real-world examples and infused with nuance gained through years of practice.

The methods presented in Evidence-Guided can be used by individual contributors, team leads, and managers. They apply to companies of all sizes and life stages. If you’re looking to build high-impact products, this book is for you.