Every Grain of Sand


SKU: 9781950385133
Author: Wichman, David P
With: Heather, Ebert
Publication Date: 03/10/2020
Publisher: W. Brand Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Sexual healer and entrepreneur David P. Wichman has lived through it all: childhood sexual and physical abuse, foster care, homelessness, survival sex work, and the blackest pits of drug and alcohol addiction. Despite the darkness, he found a profound sense of purpose and meaning as a male escort, but not the type of provider often seen in the news. His approach to sex work transcended common shame-based belief systems as he brought compassionate intimacy to many marginalized men, including the elderly, disabled, and traumatized, illustrating a universal need for true connection with another person.

After his crystal meth addiction and white-collar crime landed him in jail, David resolved to finally conquer the sense of brokenness that had been driving him to self-destruction and despair throughout his life. In his moving memoir, he recounts how his recovery and spiritual journey have revealed to him his inherent wholeness and worth, a message of love and belonging that he now carries to others still shrouded in darkness of their own. Every Grain of Sand is a celebration of healing and restoration to a life of joy, gratitude, and wonder.