Equal Opportunity: The Surprising Link Between Diversity and Skyrocketing Productivity


SKU: 9781662887963
Author: Johnson-Kugmeh, Iris
Publication Date: 11/29/2023
Publisher: Xulon Press
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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To create a welcoming and competitive workforce that celebrates diversity and encourages creativity, an equal employment opportunity (EEO) philosophy is crucial. While fulfilling EEO guidelines might prove challenging, organizations that uphold diversity and equality among their staff may experience a notable boost in their reputations in addition to an upsurge in morale and engagement among their workers. Companies that prioritize EEO have a considerably greater likelihood of enduring prosperity because there are far more advantages associated with it compared to disadvantages. Businesses could establish a workplace that is more appealing to a large pool of candidates and, eventually, result in an increased number of skilled and robust staff by addressing issues such as unintentional discrimination and prejudice and controlling the possibility of criticism among employees or stakeholders. In a nutshell, employers are obligated to select candidates primarily for their skills as well as work experience instead of their identity, and this tends to be the case. As a result, the organization may include individuals of various nationalities, genders, religions, ages, and professions. Consequently, workplace diversity advances, and workers become more prepared to contribute a variety of perspectives on tasks, processes, and outcomes than more uniform teams could. Employers must also meet their standards in addition to diversifying the staff they employ. It is of the utmost importance to guarantee that each person works in a setting that allows them to be appreciated, secure, and have the opportunity for advancement. Both the employees and the business will benefit from making diversity, equity, and inclusion a core value of their company’s culture. When employees are appreciated, accepted, and at ease in their position of responsibility, the effectiveness of a business may increase.