Environmental, Safety, and Health Issues in IC Production: Volume 447


SKU: 9781558993518
Editor: Bowling, Allen Heyns, Marc Reif, Rafael Tonti, Alessandro
Publication Date: 06/05/1997
Publisher: Materials Research Society
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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It is clear that concern for the preservation of the environment is growing. The IC industry is reputed to be a clean one, and the introduction of electronic systems has played a pivotal role in developing technologies that help to protect the environment. However, it must also be realized that the electronic industry consumes huge amounts of energy, chemicals, technical gases and even water. This book provides an overview of the available scientific information on environmentally benign IC production. A broad range of topics is addressed including work on resource reduction for chemicals, gases and DI water, reuse or recycling of chemicals, waste treatment strategies, environmentally friendly alternative technologies and analytical technologies for environmental studies. Undoubtedly, environmental concerns are leading to drastic changes in state-of-the-art processing, and new technologies are emerging from the strive towards lowering the environmental impact of the IC industry.