Empower to Enslave: Decoding Intentions for Product Design and Demand Forecasting


SKU: 9781543708707
Author: Mirchandani, Rahul
Publication Date: 01/08/2024
Publisher: Partridge Publishing India
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Our world now resembles a turbulent field. Demand has become uncertain, product life cycles have shortened, and competition has intensified. Emerging megatrends indicate that consumers now think and behave very differently. The pain and feeling of deprivation created by new, constantly evolving needs fuels demand for new products and services. The gratification of ‘They made this with ME in mind’ is empowering, instills pride of ownership and thus, consumer enslavement. This book presents a renewed understanding of the dynamics that drive markets and consumer intent today. Industry needs to construct a predictive model for forecasting near-term demand for new products and services. Such demand forecasts, must be made even in the absence of past or reliable data. Using complex econometric methods has shown limited success in such scenarios. This book attempts to present a robust methodology to mind-map intentions and use this knowledge as a proxy for past data, to forecast demand. This will be especially useful to industries marketing specialty products or new product concepts where past demand data is unavailable, and the web of demand triggers is known but constantly changing. It will also add to the body of knowledge to aid planning within emerging markets.