Emerging Challenges to Food Production and Security in Asia, Middle East, and Africa: Climate Risks and Resource Scarcity


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Editor: Behnassi, Mohamed Barjees Baig, Mirza El Haiba, Mahjoub Reed, Michael R
Publication Date: 07/29/2022
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Chapter 1. Enhancing Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security within a Changing Climate.- Chapter 2. Impacts of Climate Change on Agricultural Sector of Pakistan: Status, Consequences, and Adoption Options.- Chapter 3. Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture and Food Security in Tunisia: Challenges, Existing Policies, and Way Forward.- Chapter 4. Food Security in the MENA Region: Does Agriculture Performance Matter?.- Chapter 5. Emerging Threats to Food Security in Nigeria: Way Forward.- Chapter 6. Food Security in Morocco: Risk Factors and Governance.- Chapter 7. Climate Change and Agricultural Policy for Realizing Food Security in Morocco.- Chapter 8. Livestock and Food Security under Climate Change Scenario in Pakistan.- Chapter 9. Water Scarcity Threats to National Food Security of Pakistan – Issues, Implications, and Way Forward.- Chapter 10. Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Food Security in Egypt and Possible Adaptive Measures – A Review.- Chapter 11. The Combined Impact of Climate Change and the Use of Solar Energy on the Water Consumption in Agriculture: A Case Study from Souss Massa Region.- Chapter 12. Mathematical Model for Estimating Optimal Water Resources in Irrigation Problems.- Chapter 13. Readiness of Entrepreneurs towards Group Performance Development of OTOP Product: A Case Study in North-Eastern Thailand.