Embedded Linux Development Using Yocto Projects – Third Edition: Leverage the power of the Yocto Project to build efficient Linux-based products


SKU: 9781804615065
Author: Salvador, Otavio Angolini, Daiane
Publication Date: 04/28/2023
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Elevate your Linux-powered system with Yocto Projects, enhancing its stability and resilience efficiently and economically – now upgraded to the latest Yocto Project version

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Key Features:

  • Optimize your Yocto Project tools to develop efficient Linux-based projects
  • Follow a practical approach to learning Linux development using Yocto Project
  • Employ the best practices for embedded Linux and Yocto Project development

Book Description:

The Yocto Project is the industry standard for developing dependable embedded Linux projects. It stands out from other frameworks by offering time-efficient development with enhanced reliability and robustness.

With Embedded Linux Development Using Yocto Project, you’ll acquire an understanding of Yocto Project tools, helping you perform different Linux-based tasks. You’ll gain a deep understanding of Poky and BitBake, explore practical use cases for building a Linux subsystem project, employ Yocto Project tools available for embedded Linux, and uncover the secrets of SDK, recipe tool, and others. This new edition is aligned with the latest long-term support release of the aforementioned technologies and introduces two new chapters, covering optimal emulation in QEMU for faster product development and best practices.

By the end of this book, you’ll be well-equipped to generate and run an image for real hardware boards. You’ll gain hands-on experience in building efficient Linux systems using the Yocto Project.

What You Will Learn:

  • Get to grips with Poky workflows
  • Configure and prepare the Poky build environment
  • Explore the latest version of Yocto Project through examples
  • Configure a build server and customize images using Toaster
  • Generate images and fit packages into created images using BitBake
  • Support the development process by setting up and using Package feeds
  • Debug Yocto Project by configuring Poky
  • Build and boot image for BeagleBone Black, RaspberryPi 4, and VisionFive via SD cards
  • Explore the use of QEMU to speed up the development cycle using emulation

Who this book is for:

If you are an embedded Linux developer and want to broaden your knowledge about the Yocto Project with examples of embedded development, then this book is for you. Professionals looking for new insights into working methodologies for Linux development will also find plenty of helpful information in this book.