Emasculation Project: A Fantastic Tale of Female Domination


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Author: Mansfield, Grace
Publication Date: 09/28/2020
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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WARNING! this book contains elements of female domination, male submission, forced gender change, and more. Do not read if you are a school teacher, or otherwise morally impaired.ABOUT THE EMASCULATION PROJECTA wicked tale of how one man was led down the rosy path to submission.Jameson is a happy camper, he does a little cross dressing, prances around the house and pleasures himself…and then his wife’s Aunt catches him. Aunt Charlotte is a strict women, and she decides that the only way to cure Jamie is to give him what he wants.Slowly, Jamie becomes immersed in what it means to be a woman, every day is another step into feminization.But what will his wife think when she comes home?This erotic story includes female domination, forced feminization, hormones, breast growth, shrunken penis, hypnotism (through drugs), and so much more.ABOUT THE AUTHORGrace Mansfield is from the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. She was married and has a child. Her husband being a ‘cheating bastard, ‘ (her words) she took his truck, left her baby with her grandmother, and drove to Texas. Then Montana. Then several other states, before landing in Los Angeles.She has worked as a stenographer, a court reporter for a small newspaper and a photographer for the LA Times.Tired of all the lies involved in ‘real’ reporting, she tried her hand at escorting, and was a raving success. Except she didn’t like it. But she did meet Alyce Thorndyke, with whom she fashioned a strong friendship, and was introduced to Joe Gropper.Currently she is a gym addict, trying to fix years of abuse, and working on her novels.