Email Etiquette: 7 Easy Steps to Master Email Writing, Business Etiquette, Email Productivity Hacks & Remote Teams


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Author: Finnegan, Lawrence
Publication Date: 07/02/2023
Publisher: Lawrence Finnegan
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Have you ever struggled with making emails deliver a powerful punch? If you already create punchy emails, you can make them deliver an even mightier blow. From novice to master, this guide has lessons and tips you can begin applying to your life right away. Don’t waste another second feeling your messages are when there’s a potent tool of electronic communication right in your hands. Make the most of the Information Age by perfecting the tools of the era.

Even before the pandemic forced it on us, many job sites experimented with remote or partially remote work. Once we were required to separate and isolate, those bold, early adopters became routine life models. Beyond the virus are a hybrid workspace world and a decreased need for face-to-face meetings. In their place are emails and lots of them; communication in all its digital forms has increased, and with it the need for professionalism and authority when creating electronic messages.

You will become an unstoppable dynamo of multimedia communication once you are through with these 7 EASY STEPS.


– What carries over from the days of pen and paper, what is different; how to use the best of both worlds.

– Controlling your emotions and when to put them into a message; the importance of cooling off and when to stay heated.

– How to use use friendly, casual emails to practice your skills; closer relationships with your loved ones is one heck of a fringe benefit.

– Formal, business and professional emails require a little bit extra and a little less; how to communicate like a boss.

– Tips, tricks, and other time-saving habits of professionals the world over; email is decades old, and time has always been precious.

– Far from being isolated, remote workers can collaborate like never before; use the tools of the modern age to bridge the gap between distant workers.

– Beyond office emails, conference calls, and video chats are the whole wide world of digital media; take your new skills past the next level into another game altogether.

– And so much more!

Don’t waste another minute faltering your way through electronic mail. After these 7 EASY STEPS, you’ll be writing emails with greater clarity and better content. Act now to take a mediocre message to a magnificent one, or go from great writer to excellent communicator. When most of the work many of us do is online anyway, perfecting your digital deliverables will not only improve your job performance but has the potential to transform your life.

Let’s get started!