Elixir Programming for Real-Time Applications: Stop Juggling Frameworks, Conquer Scalability, and Craft Production-Ready Apps (Without the Headaches)


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Author: Krum, Jose
Publication Date: 01/17/2024
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Elixir Programming for Real-Time Applications is your escape hatch from framework fatigue and scaling nightmares. This practical guide equips you to craft production-ready apps that handle the heat of real-time demands, ‘without the headaches’.Crafted by Experienced Elixir veteran, this book cuts through the hype and delivers actionable code, battle-tested strategies, and community-endorsed wisdom. No dry theory here, just pragmatic solutions to build production-ready real-time apps that sing, scale, and slay the concurrency dragon.

What’s Inside:
Real-time concepts demystified: Stream processing, message queuing, and reactive programming – made practical and easy to understand.
Wielding battle-tested libraries: Phoenix LiveView, GenStage, and more – learn to leverage them effectively.
Conquering common pitfalls: Debugging tricks, security best practices, and scalability strategies – your headache-busting toolkit.

Who this book is for:
Elixir developers:
Take your skills to the next level and build impactful real-time applications.
Backend developers: Escape the framework treadmill and discover Elixir’s real-time magic.
Anyone building dynamic, responsive systems: Learn how Elixir can revolutionize your apps.

Stop wasting time on framework juggling and scaling struggles. This book is your shortcut to striking it rich in the land of real-time apps. Build the apps your users crave, the ones that set you apart from the competition.
Mastering real-time Elixir opens doors to exciting opportunities and high-demand jobs. It’s also help you build dynamic, interactive experiences that engage your users and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Become part of a thriving community and contribute to the future of this powerful language.
Don’t just build good enough. Build remarkable. Grab your copy of Elixir Programming for Real-Time Applications today and conquer the world of real-time development.