Eliminating Adult Acne for Good: Regain your self-esteem and confidence without wasting money on ineffective and harmful products.


SKU: 9781915522504
Author: Brandon, Leigh
Publication Date: 11/23/2023
Publisher: Conscious Dreams Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Are you fed up with products that don’t work? Are you ready to take control of your acne, once and for all? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to

regain your confidence and self-esteem?

If you’ve tried everything to overcome your acne and nothing has worked, it’s most likely because you haven’t addressed the underlying causes. Many people waste a lot of time and money visiting professionals who only suggest products and pharmaceuticals that treat the symptoms rather than address the underlying causes. This leaves many in despair, not knowing where to turn.

In ‘Eliminating Adult Acne for Good’, Leigh Brandon explains why the medical establishment might not want you to cure your acne, why traditional

treatments rarely work, and the danger of the associated side-effects. With a mountain of scientific evidence and clinical experience supporting his

methods, Leigh Brandon explains the cause of acne in a simple, step-by-step, natural approach to finding and overcoming it, enabling you to achieve and maintain clear skin for the rest of your life.

Acne can destroy your confidence and self-esteem, affecting many aspects of your life, such as your career, relationships, and social life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. ‘Eliminating Adult Acne for Good’ will provide you with the education, tools and strategies you need to help take back control of your life and eliminate acne for good.