Elastane in Sports and Medical Textiles


SKU: 9781498779548
Author: Rathinamoorthy, R Senthilkumar, M
Publication Date: 03/24/2023
Publisher: CRC Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Elastic garments have tremendous scope in the field of tight-fit sportswear and healthcare applications. Research towards improvement in the elasticity of fibre, yarn, and fabrics and development in testing methods for elastic garments is the current requirement for the industrial product development. This book covers elastane fibres, elastane yarn and fabric production methods, new attempts in yarn production, commercial ways of fabric-manufacturing techniques and the fabric properties, new testing methods to test the elastic products, and applications of elastic garments in sports and healthcare.


  • Provides comprehensive review, process, and application of elastane fibres.
  • Covers detailed information about manufacturing and testing methods of elastane fabrics.
  • Reviews technical aspects of elastane in sportswear and healthcare.
  • Discusses evaluation process for the elastane fabric performance.
  • Defines production methods of woven and knitted fabrics using elastane.

This book is aimed at students and researchers in textile engineering/technology, textile design, human ecology and comfort, material engineering, sports sciences, medical science, and healthcare engineering.