Economic Hierarchies, Organization and the Structure of Production (1992)


SKU: 9780792391685
Author: Tullock, G
Publication Date: 04/30/1992
Publisher: Springer
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Economics has been basically a study of the interactions between organizations, with some organizations being so small we only have one person in them. The internal organization of the largest hierarchies has indeed been looked at, but a good reason for working less on these organizations is that the internal reactions are much harder to understand. It is sensible to solve the problems we can solve and put the others off until later. The author’s basic purpose here is to look at these larger hierarchical organizations, and develop a scientific account of them.
In Economic Hierarchies, Organization and the Structure of Production Gordon Tullock examines the internal functioning and organization of the corporation. In the author’s personal tradition, the book relies on narrative analysis rather than mathematical complexity to convey insights into the functioning of the corporation.