Ecommerce Product Management: Book of Growth: Build your System of Growth for Ecommerce


SKU: 9798873361946
Author: Vasefi, Darius
Publication Date: 01/01/2024
Publisher: Independently Published
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Growth is the holy grail of commerce, onilne and in-store! To identify and take key performance indicators from point A to B and beyond.. and up and to the right. This is the biggest challenge of ecommerce and product managers working in ecommerce and retail.

A key point for writing this book is the specific activites Product Managers are responsible when it comes to growth, which are different from Marketing and top-of-funnel acquisition. These roles often get confusing and mixed up by everyone in organizations all the way up to executive levels leading to lower performance and unhappy teams.

This book will introduce and help you analyze growth opportunities and techniques to grow your ecommerce business, beyond marketing and top-of-funnel acquisition. Starting with fundamentals on the product role, ecommerce, growth and experimentation (Part 1) we then delve into over 50 tool, practices and tactics (part 2) to build a continous growth system for any commerce endeavor.

And since growth does not stop in ecommerce and retail a book is the beginning of the process. An additional resource (Website and tool) will be available to provide you with current information on the latest developments, best practices, education and mentorship to stay relevant and master growth for the long term.