Eco-friendly Products for Sustainable Environment Development


SKU: 9789395470018
Author: Jadhav, Rakesh R Saikia, Dr Apurba Das, Chandan
Publication Date: 09/26/2022
Publisher: Book Saga Publications
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Every other day we read new about a fossil recently found that shows us the traces of our ancestors. We, being humans and creatures of this world have always left traces of us behind. But traces of this and previous century are not what we should leave for our future generations. Because this plastic waste these holes in ozone will endanger the lives of people and there will be extremely bad consequences. Nonrenewable energy sources are causing pollution around the world and are adding to entropy. Plastic will not degrade for coming thousands of years, and we are basically synthesizing things that is beyond natures ability to decompose easily. All this calls for production of material that does the job and is not harmful for our environment. During the old times, there were no shopping bags. People used to carry cloth bags in old days, now paper bags are their environment friendly replacement, which is not very great idea either since we are cutting down trees for that.
This book was written keeping in mind all the troubles caused by using products that are harmful for environment and progress of this world toward creating ecofriendly products was discussed. The idea of creating the products that will protect the environment and make it a better place for current and upcoming generations. One of the main problems of using chemical dyes to color the clothes has made its way towards utilizing the dyes that are natural or digital alternatives. Tanneries are popular for releasing chemicals and metals that are toxic for other living things and we do not even realize how much plastic waste our single shopping trip produces.
Fuels produced from renewable sources, plastic bag alternatives and some environmentally friendly items help people save money. Energy-saving appliances minimize energy and utility costs while using fewer natural resources. Currently, most businesses prefer employing eco-friendly resources to make items rather than conventional ones in order to protect the environment. In addition to the fact that global warming has gotten worse since the turn of the century, many businesses have started producing eco-friendly goods. When choosing to manufacture items, some businesspeople find it quite challenging to create a sustainable atmosphere. Because the business will be under pressure to develop new technologies to produce a product that is both dependable and environmentally friendly. This book will give you a ride of the replacements of products harmful for environment and how their better alternatives are helping environment get back on track.