eBay Performance! Selling Success with Market Research and Product Sourcing


SKU: 9781424339150
Author: Cano, Jen Cowie, Robin
Publication Date: 04/27/2007
Publisher: Independent Publisher Services
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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Robin Cowie from WorldwideBrands.com and Jen Cano from HammerTap.com bring you their combined 14 years of experience creating outstanding eBay performance. This book is a comprehensive answer to the questions: What should I sell online, and Where can I get it?

In September of 2006, the two companies launched a comprehensive study, titled Grow My Profits. The study focused on how real-life businesses use market research and product sourcing hand-in-hand to build solid online business profits. Once a week, for 16 weeks, each study participant met to talk about how they could grow their profits on eBay. The result was a startling look into simple ways to reduce risk and maximize profits in online businesses.

This book is the culmination of the insights gained and strategies developed during the Grow My Profits study. It is also the culmination of our experiences with over 100,000 aspiring online entrepreneurs.