Easy in Harness: A Productive Approach to Hiring a Good Manager


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Author: Cohen, Alan J
Publication Date: 11/07/2023
Publisher: Atmosphere Press
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Easy in Harness is an insightful, first-hand perspective of the ripple effects of leadership style, both positive and negative. This book has provided me with many ideas that I have taken to heart and directly to the workplace.” – Sue Roberts, Mississippi Veterans Administration, Former Chief of Staff

Flawed management is a pervasive issue that has a greater impact than even its substantial financial implications for companies and employees. It permeates the very fabric of our society, helping to define the overall character and well-being of our individuals, organizations, customs, and institutions.

In Easy in Harness by Alan Cohen, the dire consequences of flawed management are discreetly delineated. Employees often recount tales of vindictive and abusive bosses, to whom they attribute responsibility for toxic work environments, downsizing, job relocations, strained relationships, health problems, and sleepless nights. Yet employees generally deem such ordeals unavoidable, inevitable “woes of the workplace.”

However, Cohen takes a constructive approach to addressing workplace dysfunction. He provides pragmatic insight into its primary causes and presents a range of relatively simple yet effective solutions to foster better relationships between management and employees.

Easy in Harness provides a practical and perceptive guide to help organizations identify, hire, and develop competent managers who can steer companies toward success. By implementing these strategies businesses, free of the shackles of flawed management, can forge a path toward a brighter future.