Eastern Orthodoxy Illuminated by the Gospel


SKU: 9781685708559
Author: Stamenkovic, Ivica
Publication Date: 07/12/2023
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing
Binding: Paperback
Media: Book
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“Eastern Orthodoxy illuminated by the Gospel is one of the greatest books ever written about the Orthodoxy.

Reading the book Eastern Orthodoxy illuminated by the Gospel is like climbing a high mountain, where your visual field gets expanded with each step, discovering new and exciting details, and finally gives an exceptional panoramic view that evokes the strongest feelings! Each new line is like a new stair leading to a highest top, from where you can observe the whole Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy from God’s perspective.

Light of the glorious Gospel and Christ’s teachings shines like the sun throughout this book, illuminating a complete profession of faith of the Eastern Orthodox Church.”

Sladjan Djuric

Author of the book Only Scripture, Serbia

“I have never understood why Eastern Orthodox people practice or believe certain things. When I would ask, I would either get silence or a very confusing and superficial answer.

Ivica’s book made those mysterious things clear for the first time and helped me understand the essence and the roots of the Orthodox religion. Without exaggeration I think this is a first-class apologetic manual ever written.

Everyone who is called to work with Orthodox believers should have this book because it can help them understand the people who practice Eastern Orthodoxy, and give them directions how to pray and preach the Gospel more efficiently (2. Corinthians 4:3-4, Ephesians 6:12).”

Jan Vareca

Editor of a Christian e-magazine ‘The trumpet of Zion’, Serbia

“Eastern Orthodoxy has been largely unknown in the West, but in the recent years there has been a surge of interest, particularly among Christians of Protestant/Evangelical orientation, many of whom wish to find out more about this mystical expression of faith that captivates by its ancient charm and connection to the early church fathers.

The book Eastern Orthodoxy Illuminated by the Gospel by Ivica Stamenkovic will unlock the mysteries of Eastern Orthodoxy for the Western readers.

A native of Serbia, a country with a strong Eastern Orthodox majority, Ivica had the advantage of studying Eastern Orthodoxy at its source.

The product of his studies is a volume that deserves to be called nothing less than a textbook on Eastern Orthodoxy and probably the first of its kind available in the English language. His clear, scholarly approach leaves no stones unturned. Needless to say, a study such as this one has been long overdue in the West. Even though scholarly, the book is by no means “dry” and is an enjoyable read, cover to cover.”

Alex Jovanovic

Pastor of Mooretown Brethren in Christ Church

Sandusky, Michigan, USA