Dry-Cured Meat Products


SKU: 9780917678547
Author: Toldrá, Fidel
Editor: Nip, Wai-Kit
Publication Date: 12/27/2004
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Binding: Hardcover
Media: Book
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Dry-cured meat products, such as dry-cured ham and dry-fermented sausages, constitute one of the most representative traditional foods that have been produced and consumed throughout history by a diversity of cultures and in different areas of the world. These meat products, which have a high variety of flavors and textures, represent an important part of local economies, particular cultures and gastronomic heritages. Today, there is an important trend to enrich our sensory perceptions, and many consumers and meat industries around the world are getting more and more interested in dry-cured meat products.

This book presents the latest developments in dry-cured meat products, from raw materials and manufactures to the final products, and includes updated scientific and technological information, especially on the safety, quality and nutritional properties of these foods.

This book will be valuable as a reference work for basic/applied scientists and food technologies working in quality control and R&D in the meat industry. It will also serve as a text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students.