Drip-Fertigation’s Impact on Intensive Maize Production


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Author: E, Elio
Publication Date: 08/08/2023
Publisher: Elio Endless Publishers
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Drip irrigation, also known as trickling irrigation, is a sort of

micro-irrigation system that has the ability to save water and

nutrients by allowing water to slowly drip to the roots of plants from

either above the soil surface or buried below the surface. This can

be done either from the top of the soil or from below the surface.

The root zone should get water immediately, and as little of it as

possible should be lost to evaporation. A network of valves, pipes,

tubing, and emitters are used in drip irrigation systems to distribute

water in a slow and even manner. A drip irrigation system has the

potential to be more eScient than other types of irrigation systems,

such as surface irrigation or sprinkler irrigation, depending on how

eCectively it was planned, installed, maintained, and managed. xurface

irrigation is another sort of irrigation system.Ancient Fhinese

history and culture Drip irrigation in its most basic form has been in

use since prehistoric times.